First theme: Home

Our first exhibition is going to be based around the theme of “home”, in celebration of our new gallery, its new building, and our grand re-opening. We’ve found our own home now, and we’re offering a temporary home for your art! We hope that this theme may even emphasize to you your connection with your wider community, both artistic and cultural.

We don’t mind how loosely you choose to interpret this theme in the works you create and submit, or if you want to offer work which fits the theme but was not made specifically for us.

The important thing is that you feel it speaks to the theme, or perhaps even to other works which you feel engage with the theme, as you can engage with the slots company of Book of Ra, bonusinformationen über Book of Ra  One of our team members is planning to do a conceptual piece based around the return of Odysseus to Ithaka in the Odyssey – one of the most famous homecomings in world literature!

As we stated on our mission statement page, we’re looking for quite a diverse collection of artists, and we think that this theme particularly may speak to people of different ethnicities living in our community, and to the children of immigrants. Often they have a difficult relationship with their new home, and we’d love to see works that address that fusion, or indeed that contradiction.