Future theme: Online casino’s

Online casino’s are a phenomenon that is getting bigger every day. Every adult has probably come across them at least once in their lives. Everybody and every government seems to have an opinion about it. That’s why we thought it would be a great future theme for us. We can illustrate the many feelings that people have about online casino’s and make an exhibition dedicated to it. As of now, we have already started on some online casino pieces that we will briefly describe. Before it will actually become a theme, we will create many more. This is just a small introduction of what’s coming.

No deposit casinos

Now, how do you portray a casino zonder storting? That is a good question. Because in fact you are showing associations and feelings and these are subjective. Unless you put the words no deposit on a logical place in the work, which is what we have done. First we have interviewed some random people about online casino’s and their feelings about it. Then we focused on the more specific topics. So what we are showing are the feelings of about 20 different people. Which makes it interesting, but not instantly recognizable as a no deposit casino.

Slot machines

One thing that online casino’s are known for are their slot machines. And literally everyone, even if they have never been to an online casino before, knows what slot machines are. But again, not everybody feels the same about it. Quite the opposite actually. We have spoken to a player who had won a jackpot with a wager of only €5 and we spoke to someone who detests everything about casinos as she has a formerly addicted son. So within this one work, there are quite a few extremes. As we have added some slot machine images, you will know what it’s about.

Jackpot winnings

Coming back to the player that had won a jackpot with a small wager. When we spoke to this player we became interested in portraying the pure joy someone feels when winning big in online casino’s. Not many people are familiar with that. Better said, a lot of people are familiar with it, but that’s only a small percentage of all online casino players. Therefore, we thought it’d be interesting to show people how it feels when the slot machine lights up and you realize that you have just won a huge amount of money.

Being a casino dealer

After showing the online casino’s only from the players’ side, we decided to also include some personnel perspective. The online casino dealers have to deal with a lot of abuse, name calling and being hit on all the time. They also experience situations in which players are lonely or desperate after having lost all of their money in the casino. These situations aren’t easy and casino dealers have to remain professional and impartial at all times. On the other hand, they also experience a lot of great moment. When a player hits a big casino win, when they have a great ambiance or group conversation or just the compliments they always get. That means that there a lot of emotions to portray, which turned this into a large piece. The casino dealers we have showed it to were quite happy about it as they could see their emotions in it. Come and see for yourself if you are curious.