Our exhibitions

Our exhibitions will contain a mixture of various different media. There may be some limitations based on how we can best exhibit each piece of work. If we accept your work and then find that we can’t fit it into our exhibition due to space issues, rest assured that we will work with you to exhibit a different piece of work, find an alternate place for it, or rearrange the gallery.

Because we accept art in any medium you can think of, you should think widely when creating for us! There’s no need to stick to traditional paintings or sculptures. We’re equally happy to exhibit something experimental and different – in fact, we’d love to. The only limitations are on space and, in very rare cases, health and safety issues. Again, in such a case we would work with you to exhibit your work safely or to rearrange the gallery, etc.

Feel free to get in touch with us, no matter how “off the wall” you think your ideas are. We love ideas like that – we would love to give it space in our gallery, rest assured. And it’ll never hurt to ask – we have a strict policy of considering everybody equally and of being constructive with any feedback or criticism on art. There’s no reason to fear when submitting to us! We plan to be a really supportive team who will, if anything, inspire you to do even more and try new things. The whole gallery is focused on innovation and showcasing the best art of this generation – and this generation’s art might look nothing like traditional works of art. We totally accept that: in fact, the idea excites us!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of galleries, two things we will probably have to reject is written artworks, like poetry and novels, and sound-based work. However, there may be an opportunity to provide videos to play to gallery viewers, or a soundtrack for a gallery, so do get in touch if these are your media and you have a suggestion. As we’ve said already, we’re open to negotiating and trying to figure out something with you – innovation is the key word here.