As we said in our mission statement, we plan to arrange our exhibitions around various themes, if you want to find out more about UK online casinos, click here, and if you want to find out more about German online casinos, you can click here.

We intend to gather work from several different artists for each theme, with no more than two or three pieces by any one individual, to allow us to curate a really interesting selection with unique synergies and dissonances.

We don’t plan to be too proscriptive about what exactly constitutes a response to our theme: you may submit older work to us which you feel resonates with our theme, or you may choose to create work specifically based on our theme.

We can’t guarantee that any such works will be included in our galleries, of course, but we hope you will find our themes stimulating and worth consideration in themselves. You should check out our “upcoming exhibitions” page to get an idea of what themes we’re planning to showcase next and what we’re searching for at the moment.